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Friday, April 30, 2010

Afrojack & TV Rock - ID

Normally I like to wait for the name of the track before I post it up, but this track bangs too hard, and I had to put it up before the weekend began..Enjoy!! Afrojack and TV Rock have dropped this at numerous parties! Someone let me know if they can find it...

Rusko - Hold On

Anything and everything this guy touches gives those ears a tingle...Watch out for his new album coming soon...Ladies youll like this joint.

Robbie Rivera vs Mixin Marc - Juicy Beach Anthem

BANGER....That Is All

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ian Carey-SOS(good guys remix)

You might agree or disagree, but I love Ian Carey's work. He has a special unique sound and brings a crowd to their feet. The original SOS track turned heads but this remix with good guys is on another level.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Way Out West - The Gift (Michael Woods Remix)

While we are on the topic of UK, Way out West have been putting out a lot of tunes lately...Michael Woods grabbed The Gift and put his touch on it. Perfect song for a hot summer day...

Hostage - I Get High

Coming out of the UK, Hostage is all over the House/Electro scene with a little bit of dubstep...This is a solid remix of I Get High for all those house heads out there...Respect to none other than Snake Williams aka Durnan for showing me this track...

Inna - Hot

This song is back from 2008, but is resurfacing through the dancefloor in the present day with a few remixes...Inna is a Romanian artist who is very well known in her region. Her song "Hot" reached number one in Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Malta, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Hungary, Greece, and Ukraine. Here is the remix by Play & Win - who produced the track. As well as the official music video...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bob Marley - Sun is Shining (Funkerman Remix)

You knew Bob Marley had to appear on this blog, especially on this day...Butttt had to put that Funkerman remix down...Check it, Happy 420 my people...Enjoy

Here's the original! Light it up!

Flying Lotus - I Feel Like Dying

Haven't heard much of Flying Lotus, but saw some videos of him at Coachella and he ripped it...Thought this song was good for 420 since the drugs will not be done on a day like today...haha...Remix of Lil Wayne's Track - FREE WEEZY!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dynamik Dave-I swear I'm not addicted

This is for all the real house music fans out there enjoy!
The one liner says it all..

because we all NEED is house, it defines a new genre of music that has been around for time but is finally being embraced on a worldwide scale.


Dirty South - Phazing

This is a perfect track for the Spring / Summer season. It is calm, soothing, and makes anyone listening to the song feel great. Dirty South is a Grammy dominated DJ/producer and it is clear to see why with the quality of work he puts out. Coming with that Australian flare he has done a lot of collabos as well, especially with the Swedish House Mafia. Check out his new single here.

Steve Angello - Rave n Roll

I'm not sure if we can call this a song, but we can definetly call this one of Steve Angello's secret weapons. Tiesto has been caught playing this track many times...It builds up perfectly to great drop that gets the entire dance floor moving. Give those ears a tingle...listen.

Swedish House Mafia - One

Yes, this track was posted earlier but it was untitled. Swedish House Mafia have now finished the track completely and are calling it "One." Listen to the final version here.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dada Life - Let's Get Bleeped Tonight (Tiesto Remix)

The dudes from Sweden have done it again with Let's Get Bleeped Tonight...Already a banger on its own, but when Tiesto touches the track you know you must have something good. A different type of remix from Tiesto, as it kind of has that dim-mak electro feel. Great track to bump at the pre-drink tonight!

Adele - Hometown Glory (Axwell Edit)

Alright so I have two tracks to start off this beautiful Saturday morning, and the next one to start off a great Saturday night you will be having. The original done by Adele is just as amazing as the remix, but Axwell has brought it to life a bit more with his edit on it. Adele has an amazing voice along combined with the lyrics makes it for a great track to start your day to...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sidney Samson - The World Is Yours

Yes we all know Sidney Samson from the track Riverside which is an absolute monster...but check out The World Is Yours that will also be soon all over the dancefloors...Bump this loud and get your weekend started now! I've also included Riverside for those of you who are ear virgins.

Spencer & Hill - Cool (Afrojack Remix)

The original to Spencer & Hill's - Cool is good, but the Afrojack remix is GREAT. There are so many components to this song, it needs to be played at a loud volume to hear that bass kick in...Oldie but a goodie...This makes your bones jump...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wally Lopez - Burning Inside

This song is a bit old..but many of you probably don't know who Wally Lopez is. He started off with a radio show when he was 13 in Spain, which soon led him to 600,000 listeners every week playing on Madrid's top radio station. From there he got into the production game, his biggest breakthrough was remixing David Guetta - A little more love. We had to pleasure to hear Wally Lopez in Punta Cana for Desalia 2010 which was unreal. Check out one of my favorite songs from him "Burning Inside"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lily-Everyone's at it.


So everyone knows Lily Allen the English musician but thanks to the work of Nathan C and Eddie Kid they have turned this young pop song into what the kids call these days a BANGER!!!!

Turn your stereos up when the drop kicks in because everyone is at it.....

Tribal Kings-To the Beat of the Drum

Many people do not know about the tribal kings, but they do have a few underground hits. It is definitely a personal preference and their unique sound catches the attention of a lot of house music fans especially with the incorporation of the saxophone.

When I first heard this song, I was hooked.


David Guetta & AfroJack - Louder Than Words

I am going to keep this short and sweet....Listen to this track and let me know when you have your ear orgasm...Guetta & Afrojack.

Sebastien Drums & Avicii - My Feeling For You

Coming back from Miami there was one track that was stuck in everyone's mind but no one could find the track ID. After singing it for days on end I finally had to hit up my boy Dj/Produce Matt Glover ( must say it did take him a day or two but he found it...It has been on repeat ever since. We heard Robbie Rivera drop this at this Juicy Beach party at Nikki Beach. You will catch yourself singing it out loud many times..Sebastien Drums has teamed up with Avicii to remix to original by Cassius - My Feeling For You. Check it here...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tim Berg - Bromance - Avicii Remix

Sweden is doing it big right now...Tim Berg have you probably not heard a lot from has teamed up with Avicii for his remix of Bromance. This is a nice easy listening too, nothing too heavy. Avicii is fairly new to the producing/DJ scene but artists such as Tiesto, Morillo, Angello are dropping his tracks all over the world. Not to mention his remix of Tiesto's - Escape Me is unreal...Check out Tim Berg's remix here...Shit, I'll put down the Tiesto remix as well because its so nasty.

Tiestp feat C.C. Sheffield - Escape me (Avicii Remix)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Moby - Wait for Me (Laidback Luke Remix)

Alright this is the last post of the day before I get a big meal in me before tonight. 4 DJs are ripping inside Tabu tonight so it will be a long one..They better be dropping some of these tracks...Anyways I dunno if its just me but I haven't heard a lot from Moby recently - it could also be that there hasn't been a remix that caught my interest. I'm not sure what Laidback Luke is on but over the past 6 months the guy has been doing some amazing things. Check out his remix of Moby - Wait For Me here...check the 3:35 second point...oh boy

Kelis - Acapella - David Guetta or Benny Benassi?

You might remember from Kelis who use to have those raunchy lyrics like "My milkshare brings all the boys to the yard" and "My neck, my back." Those were back in her hood days I guess...She has now turned a bit classier and has teamed up with two of the biggest producers of the game. Anyone who works with these guys would have a banger, but I give her credit from expanding out of the hip hop game and realizing that house music is taking over...Guetta and Benassi both remixed this song...which one is better?


David Guetta

Benny Benassi vs Hendrix - Purple Haze

My roomate and I have talked for years about no one doing a good Jimi Hendrix remix. It takes balls to remix any track by a legend like this, and if there is a man to do it is Benny Benassi. This is one of the best remixes I have heard in a longgg time. Touching on classic songs is very difficult, you are playing with fire, if you mess up you look like a failure because you have gone and F*cked up an amazing track. Let me know your thoughts...My ears had a little orgasm though...

Bounce Little Kitty

Bounce Little Kitty....Bounce Little Kitty.....I know everyone has sung this song at some point. I tried searching for it on the web and of course I found the remix with Afrojack. Every banger I am hearing these days has Afrojack on it..or maybe I just love his sound. Roxy Cottontail and Larry Tee out of New York have come up with the original and Afrojack has put his touch on it...Listen here, if you find yourself singing it all night don't blame me...

Benny Benassi - Satisfaction (Afrojack Remix)

Benny Benassi's - Satisfaction will always be a massive dancefloor hit. There have been many remixes of it in the past. I still love the original. But what happens when you combined one of the top club hits of all time with the 22 year old super producer Afrojack...? Watch the video and see....

Congorock - Babylon

Congorock has come out with another banger...It is getting a lot of publicity after Steve Angello named this his favorite track of the month. Signed with Fool's Gold (Atrak's label) there will be lots more coming from Congorock in the future.

Check out the music video:

Jus Jack - That Sound (Max Vangeli & AN21)

Another big remix from Max Vangeli & AN21, you can see that they have found their sound. This is a remix of Jus Jack's - That Sound (New York, USA) - love the horns in it and the build up to the drop...Supported by Axwell and Angello in a lot of their sets....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey

This track is absolutely out of control. Pete Tong gets chills from it, and I am sure you will at least get some tingles. Being named the BEST Underground Dance Track by the International Dance Music Awards, you know its going to be a banger. The female vocalist is perfect for this track and it has all the elements to get a dancefloor going. Listen to it...over...and over...and over....

Prok & Fitch Present Nanchang Nancy - Walk With Me (Axwell Remix)

Not sure if I ever would have ever heard this track if Axwell didn't remix it, but then again a lot of people wouldn't have heard of the track Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap either. So let's first thank Axwell for being able to make such amazing remixes. Secondly this track was also a massive one throughout WMC in Miami. It is a perfect song to play early in the set to feel out the crowd. Prok & Fitch have teamed up with Nanchang Nancy (song writer & producer) and Axwell made his magic work!

Clubbers Guide 2010 Mixed By Jean Elan

Back in October 2009 my partner and I booked a guy by the name of Jean Elan. Many people did not know who he was - he had a couple tracks out like "Killer" that was about to blow up. We did three parties with him all sold out shows and he brought a new type of music to the tri-city area that no one has heard before. He started off with an intro on 3 CDDJs that caught the crowds attention and from there he did not stop playing until close. The guy is an awesome dude, he even stopped off at Statusbrown's studio to touch up some of their tracks! He has now been honoured to mix the Ministry of Sound's Clubbers Guide for 2010. Check out the short version here..and get the CDs!!


After WMC a dude by the name of AN21 kept showing up at various parties - a lot of the time he would open for Swedish House Mafia...After doing some research AN21 aka Antoine Josefsson is the brother to the one and only Steve Angello. The dude hasn't even turned 20 yet, and he is playing with some of the top names in the game! He is currently working on a podcast that he will release every month with the worlds most interesting DJs. He has also found a perfect match with Max Vangeli as they have a couple new tracks coming out...

I've got to say his remix of Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed is very good, as it was played at almost every party in Miami.

Check out the making of their new song Swedish Beauty.

Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (Statusbrown & Misplaycd Remix)

While we are on the topic of local DJ talent there is no way I am skipping out on my boys Statusbrown. I have worked with these guys at a lot of my events for the past 3 years and I gotta say they absolutely rip it every night. They got into the producing game about 2 years ago and have come out with some pretty dope tracks. Working with Applied Science, DJ Baker and now Misplaycd they have more then a handful of tracks that rock the dancefloor. Check out their latest remix of Aloe Blacc's I need a Dollar - featured on the TV show How To Make It In America. If it wasn't for this show, this song probably never would of became a watch the damn show too!

BARLETTA - Live in Guelph - Saturday!

Most of the DJs on this blog will be the big time guys, but we also need to make love for some hometown talent...If you have not heard of Barletta then you have some serious music selection problems. This dude is killing it right now and we have him coming into Tabu on April 10th to rip a solid 2 hour set...Maybe even later...Check out his track Whisper along with the dope music video!

Swedish House Mafia - New Track - NAME?

Yes we have all heard the new banger from SHM, but many people have been wondering what is it called? Many bloggers and people posting it on youtube have named it as Gangster...but this is incorrect. The track might be called Gangster, because it is so Gangster but the boys from SHM still have yet to name it...

More Afrojack - There will be lots more coming too...

Another new ripper that Afrojack dropped at the Size pool party...this time with the "Break The House Down" Acapella...Too NASTY! THIS GUY IS ONLY 22 PEOPLE! A lot more music from him in the future. I guarantee he will have one of the later time slots at UMF 2011.

New Afrojack track with Daivd Guetta

Afrojack's new track that he created with David Guetta...Dropped for the first time during WMC in Miami (end of March) - This was from the Size Pool Party. Afrojack is from Holland and it was his first appearance in Miami. I've got to say he was one of the best artists that I saw throughout the 6 days I was there...and I saw A LOT of artists...

Winter Music Conference 2010

So I just got back from the Winter Music Conference with some of my best dudes and we ripped it up for 6 days straight. From beach parties, to pool parties, to the Ultra Music Festival, to club parties, to hotel room parties we did it all...With that I got some dope new music to share with you all as well as some crazy video footage! Stay Tuned...