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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Clubbers Guide 2010 Mixed By Jean Elan

Back in October 2009 my partner and I booked a guy by the name of Jean Elan. Many people did not know who he was - he had a couple tracks out like "Killer" that was about to blow up. We did three parties with him all sold out shows and he brought a new type of music to the tri-city area that no one has heard before. He started off with an intro on 3 CDDJs that caught the crowds attention and from there he did not stop playing until close. The guy is an awesome dude, he even stopped off at Statusbrown's studio to touch up some of their tracks! He has now been honoured to mix the Ministry of Sound's Clubbers Guide for 2010. Check out the short version here..and get the CDs!!

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  1. That picture up top - I never knew that John Candy was a DJ.